User Lens is a user experience consultancy based in San Francisco, California.

User Lens was founded by a user experience expert and researcher with over a decade of experience creating meaningful user insights leading to the design of award winning consumer products and technology.

Clients include Fortune 500 companies, stealth innovation labs, and Silicon Valley startups. We are passionate about helping companies of all sizes and stages understand their users and design the best possible user experience for their products. 

It's too easy to lose sight of the "user" in user experience.

Companies of all sizes have finally recognized that delightful user experiences are essential to building industry-leading brands and products. While this has certainly elevated the profile of user-centered design, in practice most product teams focus on design at the expense of researching their users. This often results in experiences which can disappoint users when they use products for the first time - if they use them at all.

User Lens believes that by also focusing on understanding users' real needs, situations, and expectations teams can build easy to use, valuable experiences and create lasting connections with customers. 

Jennifer McCormick, Founder and Principal Researcher

Jennifer McCormick, Founder and Principal Researcher