Bill Cunningham is a User Researcher

What an inspiration! You may be familiar with the brilliant New York Times reporter named Bill Cunningham, who decades ago started snapping candid pictures of creative dressers on the streets of New York City. He pioneered reporting on ‘Street Style’. Within one season the major couture houses emulate what he has captured happening on the streets. By the time that people are paying for it after the couture houses and copy cats have squeezed the authentic trends dry, it is over and fashion-forward folks are on to discovering the next hot trend.

I JUST realized that Bill Cunningham represents the absolute best kind of User Researcher! The kind who rolls up their sleeves and gets out there on a bike with a camera and observes the future.

Mobile tech innovators, bloggers and reporters would do good to have a little Bill Cunningham in them and really get our there and SEE and FEEL what is happening! Then they would know the future is not just about the device, but about how people are multitasking with them. Let’s go!